The Global Deafblindness Resource Centre has been created by Sense International. We are a leading global charity supporting people with deafblindness in eight countries worldwide.

Our experience

We have over 25 years of experience supporting people with deafblindness to realise their rights. Our work began in 1994 with the aim of sharing the knowledge and expertise of our parent organisation, Sense UK.

Since this time, we have set-up locally-registered organisations in India, Kenya, Peru, Romania, Tanzania and Uganda. We have also established programmes of work in partnership with national organisations in Bangladesh and Nepal.

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Our work

We work to identify children with deafblindness as early as possible in life so that, with the right support, they are able to thrive. We also improve access to quality education and vocational training so that children and young people with deafblindness can become independent, establish a livelihood, and meet their full potential.

Our work takes a rights-based approach. We support people with deafblindness and their families to challenge stigma, discrimination and other barriers that exist within society so that their rights are recognised and realised – now and in the future.

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Our resources

We have developed the Global Deafblindness Resource Centre with support from the Nelumbo Foundation. Gathering resources from across the Sense International family and some of our key partners, our aim is to create a steadily growing hub of information and guidance for people supporting an adult or child with deafblindness, for people with deafblindness, and for anyone with an interest in learning more about deafblindness.

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