Whether you access the Global Deafblindness Resource Centre through sight, touch or speech, we want it to work as best as possible for you.

Accessible through assistive technology

We are aiming to fulfil Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) level AA. This is an independent set of guidelines that aims to make the web more accessible.

Our website should be compatible with modern screen readers and speech recognition software. It should respond appropriately to magnifiers, high contrast themes and speech tools that are built into modern operating systems.

AbilityNet offers guidance on how to make websites suit you and your needs.

NV Access offers a free screen reader software to download.

Accessible content

We know that information in certain formats may not be accessible. We are currently working to ensure that all PDF documents are accompanied by a text-only Word version. In some instances, a text-only version is not yet available; however, we are aiming to rectify this as soon as possible. If you wish to access a resource in a format that is not currently available, please contact us.

How are we doing?

We hope you have a good experience with the Global Deafblindness Resource Centre, but we know that we can always improve. If you have any feedback , please get in touch.