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Parents and caregivers
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Date of publication
October 2020
Created by
HDIF and Sense International Tanzania
UK Aid

This video highlights the experience of two children with deafblindness and complex disabilities in an inclusive education programme in Tanzania.

The film tells the story of Kelvin and Angel, two children with deafblindness and complex disabilities. They both received support from a teaching assistant to access an inclusive education in their local school.

Interviews with their parents, teachers and teaching assistant provide insight into their experience before the children received support, and the change that they have seen since they started school. The video highlights the positive impact that receiving an education, making friends, and being included in the community has made in their lives.

This resource was produced by the Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF), a UK Aid initiative which supported the inclusive education programme. Sense International cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy, content or accessibility of this resource. The information, views and guidance belong to the author, unless specifically stated otherwise.

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