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Education professionals
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People with disabilities

Date of publication
September 2019
Created by
Sense UK

This toolkit explores inclusive yoga for people with sensory impairments and complex disabilities.

This resource is intended as an ‘introduction to yoga’ for people with sensory impairments and complex disabilities. There are many benefits to taking part in yoga regularly, including:

  • Being mindful of your body.
  • Helping you to focus on being in the present moment.
  • Improving your strength, balance and mobility.
  • Supporting you to make new friendships and socialise.
  • Creating both calming and uplifting energy.
  • Making you more aware of your body and the space around you.
  • Making you feel good.
  • Making everyday tasks and chores (such as housework, shopping, or getting changed) more manageable.

The toolkit provides some top tips for practicing yoga teachers who wish to make their classes more inclusive for participants with sensory impairments and complex disabilities. It may also be useful for carers or family members who want to support someone with a disability to become more active.

Key words: sport; exercise; physical



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