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Parents and caregivers
Education professionals

Date of publication
November 2016
Created by
Sense UK
The Boshier-Hinton Foundation

A series of videos and two toolkits developed to support parents, caregivers and education professionals make play fun and fully inclusive for young children with sensory impairments and complex disabilities.

All children should have equal access to play, which is fundamental to childhood. These resources have been developed as a guide for anyone supporting a young child with sensory impairments and complex disabilities.

The videos and downloadable toolkits contain useful information about play, as well as simple ideas, suggestions and practical tips on play activities.

Making Play Inclusive – A video about creating sensory stories

Other titles in the ‘Making Play Inclusive’ video series include:

  • Resonance Boards
  • Hand under hand communication
  • Messy play
  • Treasure baskets
  • Den making
  • Signing songs
  • Using household items
  • Outdoor play
  • Play in other settings

Key words: Play; communication; creative; sensory; outdoor



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